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Miranda Coral Engholm grew up as a theatre kid in Swedish paradise Österlen but originally has her roots in Argentina and Stockholm. She started her Soundcloud account after graduating high school and treated it as a place to share all of the things that came flowing out of her after graduating. 

At 16 years old she moved to Malmö and started to study music. After graduating from the music program she felt like she could finally disassociate music from homework and she ended up writing a big cluster of songs over a short period of time. Her best friend who was working at an underground music club knew about her recordings and wanted her to play as support for some live shows. It wasn’t until this moment she realized that the material she had gathered over the past year maybe shouldn’t be hiding at Soundcloud anymore. She ended up playing her first two live shows at the club, one of them supporting american singer songwriter Lucy Dacus. 

After this she went to South America, bought a cheap guitar, stitched together a gigbag and began to introduce herself as Coral. People started asking her to be a part of music projects and to play live shows at restaurants, bars and hostels, and for a period of time she performed almost every night. She also recorded a live session in a bathroom in Buenos Aires. “If people see you with a guitar they almost always want you to play, it’s like that everywhere” Miranda tells. At this time she was playing the same material which she had written over the last year, all created back home in her bed, heavily inspired by the music she was listening to herself. 

With a heavy focus on vulnerable lyricism Miranda sees writing as her most powerful tool. “I like the intimacy of it. Sometimes when I listen to a song it can feel like a complete stranger is suddenly standing in my living room talking about something really personal. I can feel closely connected to that person even though I’m just listening to a recording.” she says. For Miranda it’s really important to stay genuine and tangible as an artist, so this feeling of connection is something she wishes to achieve with her own music. “Like someone wrote it in their diary and it just happened to rhyme.” 

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