Erik Holger


Erik joined his first rock-band at the age of 11 and has since then played in more than 10 band constillations, absorbing his favourite parts of each genre which formed the sound for Erik Holger. 

His music has the structure of traditional pop/rock that together with an experimental 80’s electronic sound creates playful pop-rock with melodies that pushes through. Even though Erik produces his music at home, the mix is exquisite and surrounds your whole body with wacky soundscapes.

“I record everything at home,
but I wouldn’t call it Bedroom pop,
it’s more like Living room rock

After years of writing catchy pop-songs for the successful indie-band Dim Vanilla, Erik Holger Målsäter decided to embrace his new found love for experimental sounds using synthesizers and formed the spooky electro-duo Rottenheim in 2017. A year later, his partner dropped of Rottenheim and the duo transformed into a solo project that he named Erik Holger which gave him the chance to create music with no limits, and he makes good use of that freedom by throwing in samples of saxophone, flutes and effect-drenched synth pads.

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