We offer promotion campaigns that are competitive in both results and price.

At Feverish we focus on digital, print and radio outlets.
We’re passionate about building campaigns that tell a unique story.

How does it work?

The story that you want to tell with your release acts as the foundation for the campaign.
The campaign will then be tailored to your specific needs. Every campaign starts with a meeting where we discuss approach, goals and targets. We have this meeting to get a feeling of your vision and to give us a chance to start sorting out what you want and need. After this we either set a follow-up meeting where we talk about what you want to say with your release, or you can simply write it down for us and we will get to work.

With all of this we build a campaign tailored to fit your audience, your budget, and your vision. A campaign that gets you heard.

The Basic (for smaller goals and budgets)

  • We create a press release based on the material you provide us
  • Together with you we choose specific targets for us to pitch your project
  • We make sure the press release gets to the right people
  • You’ll get weekly reports on how things are going

The Dreamer (for moderate goals and budgets)

  • The Basic
  • We help you write a professional press text about your project
  • Special focus and pitch for one or more traditional media channels (i. e. radio, TV/film, printed media)

The Skies (for big goals within a reasonable budget)

  • The Dreamer
  • We put together all the needed press material to help you reach your desired goals. This is very customizable and we can help you with everything from writing a bio to producing graphic material for the campaign i.e press photos, posters, logos, GIFs for instagram etc.


We believe in special content that will make you stick out, connect with your audience and help your career take off.

Good music deserves good visuals, and we can help you with every part of it. We create professional content surrounding your project as well as guiding you in an artistic direction that fits both your style and your goals.

How does it work?

The creative process will be lead by our in-house art director, Ebba, who is a professional photographer, filmmaker and designer. She is also a teacher in media production. All content will be developed and produced together with you to make sure that we both get the desired results.

Just as with our promotion services we offer different packages based on your vision, your time frame and your budget.

Teeny package (1-2 days)

  • Custom logo design & GIFs for Instagram story

Basic package (3-10 days)

  • Custom logo design & GIFs for Instagram story
  • Banner design and formatting for all social media and DSPs

Cool package (1-2 weeks)

  • Basic package
  • Professional digital photos for press and artwork

Boss package (3-4 weeks)

  • Cool package
  • Music video or lyric video
  • Any add-ons i.e merch design, poster design, artwork design and proofing for vinyl/CD/cassette


Focused Playlist Pitch

Digital streaming platforms is a deep jungle to navigate, even if you're an established artist. We can help you pitch your music to specific curators so that you can have a better chance of getting your music playlisted!

Radio Plugging Only

Already have PR and content but don't know how to get your song on the radio? Let us give it a try! We can pitch both nationally and internationally.

Strategic Consultation

You want to do most things yourself but you have no idea how to strategize or where to start? Let's have a meeting about it, we're great at making plans!

Design Only

You already have some photos or artwork that you like but you have no idea how to turn it into a smashing album cover, tour poster or social media header? Our art director Ebba can help you!

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