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Stainwasher began as a project on Soundcloud and there it lived and evolved for a while until she decided to give the project a real chance. After a few releases on her own it wasn’t long until blogs started to notice the unique take that she has on the dreamy genres.

With her debut EP she quickly rose to be one of the most promising experimental acts in Sweden with support from critics around the world. The lead single ‘Joy For Me’ was crowned as one of the best songs this year by Belgian tastemakers HighClouds and the accompanying video was praised for its mystical yet calming nature. In late August she returns with a new stunning track. 

“My lyrics can often be interpreted as metaphors but I often mean what I’ve written literally. It’s weird because I like to think that I make music to distract myself from things but at the same time the music is about stuff I want to escape from. It’s contradictory but for some reason it works.”

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