Wilma Nea


Wilma Nea is the solo project of Wilma Ås, usually seen singing backup vocals in the band Children of the Sün. She debuted with the single ‘Kolgränd’ in early 2019 via artist-run Ish A Record Label. 

There is something about Wilma Nea’s music which feels so natural, yet hauntingly original. Her clever vocal melodies dances atop the tracks in a way that manages to feel equal parts showtun-ey as vulnerable. The upcoming EP ‘Issues’ which is her first work made almost entirely by herself. “I’ve given myself the space to fail and try different ways of working. The EP is full of homemade solutions and I love that”, she explains further about the process. The result is a sincere and playful record that places Wilma Nea’s sound somewhere in the middle between Clairo and Fiona Apple.

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