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The Swedish trash pop act known as Wine Flies was founded by Henrik Lennartsson in 2017. It began as something to keep him busy while attending university and was never meant to get out of the bedroom, but thanks to the internet it did.

When Lennartsson began sharing the short snippets he wrote in his bedroom it was sporadic and of the cuff. “I began writing songs to keep myself busy and it was always just a riff or so that I managed to make” he says. He further explains “I’ve got these melodies in my head, a lot of them actually, but I rarely manage to realize them technically, so they usually turn into something else entirely, but that’s all good too, I guess”.

"I'd say that my fuel/drive in all of this comes down to the concept of irony. It completely
destroyed me as a person, when it first hit me as a younger man, but it is also now the
thing that makes me sane and keeps me going, because life is ridiculous, and so am I.“

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